Pet Overpopulation

Each year over 100,000 animals are put to sleep in metro Atlanta shelters. This number does not include those that die from starvation, exposure, injuries, and disease. The animals that are euthanized at the shelters are not just those that are ill or have behavioral problems. They are often healthy animals that are just not lucky enough to find a home.

Why are so many animals killed in our shelters? There are just too many and too few homes for them. Why are there so many animals in the shelters? Because people fail  to have their pets spayed and neutered. Did you know that within seven years one female dog and her offspring can produce over 67,000 dogs? It is very easy to see how just a few unaltered animals can contribute so much to the pet overpopulation problem.
Imagine the number of animals that can be produced from hundreds and thousands of unaltered animals.

Statistics show that the number of animals that enter the shelters is very close to the number that is euthanized. There are two ways to decrease the number that are killed (1) decrease the number coming in (2) and increase the number adopted. It can be very difficult to increase the number of animals that are adopted, because it is difficult to increase the number of homes available for these animals. Therefore, we must try to decrease the number of animals that enter the shelters. Effective spay and neuter programs are extremely important in decreasing the number of unwanted animals that end up in shelters each year. This is why S.A.N.T.A. was organized. We hope to help impact the problem of overpopulation by offering low-cost spays and neuters. Having more animals altered will decrease the number of unwanted animals born each

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