Excuses not to Spay

Excuses not to spay and neuter, and why they just aren’t good enough! “I’ve heard that my pet should go through at least one heat cycle before spaying.” There is absolutely no medical reason why a cat or dog should go through a heat cycle. It does not make the animal a better pet; it only […]

Prevent Other Problems

 Behavioral Problems Behavioral problems are also common among animals that remain intact. Aggression can be a serious concern for both male and female animals. Spaying and neutering will not guarantee 100% that an animal will not be aggressive, but it does greatly decrease the chances. Many animals are euthanized each year solely because of aggression […]

Cat Diseases Prevention

Many Cat Diseases Can Be Prevented By Spaying and Neutering Your Cat Feline Infectious Peritonitis FIP is caused by a virus that can affect all organs in the body. This disease has no cure and is ultimately fatal. Most cases of FIP occur in multi-cat households and in catteries. It stands to reason that feral cat colonies […]

Pet Overpopulation

Each year over 100,000 animals are put to sleep in metro Atlanta shelters. This number does not include those that die from starvation, exposure, injuries, and disease. The animals that are euthanized at the shelters are not just those that are ill or have behavioral problems. They are often healthy animals that are just not lucky enough to […]